Logosynthesis® and the Body, November 3-5, 2023, Dublin, Ireland


Logosynthesis and the Body

A three-day live seminar with Dr. Willem Lammers

What is this Seminar about?

Your body connects your inner and outer worlds, adapting to the demands of reality, and propelled by Essence, your Higher Self. Your body is constantly developing, based on the effects of your personal signature derived from human evolution, genetics, social programming, and experiences you collect as you live your life.

Your energy will flow when all is working well, and your body doesn’t need much special attention. You can use it, take care of it, and enjoy it. When energy is not flowing, your body’s functions become reduced, interrupted, or blocked, and you suffer.

If you’re interested, please fill out the registration form, and we’ll keep you informed. You can also pay the fee directly through the pay link.

The Context
You perceive your body through the lens of your body image, a specialized, internal, analog data center for information about the body and its environment (Horowitz, 1966). Your body image helps you to:
  • assess options and limitations of the body,
  • set expectations you have of what your body can do, and
  • determine how you perceive health, suffering, and well-being.
Physical symptoms serve as signals in the body, alerting you to disruptions between Essence and your mission.

The Program

In Logosynthesis and the Body, you will:
  • Explore your body image as it has developed during your life.
  • Learn to detect disturbances in the flow of your life energy based on concrete physical symptoms or because your body experience does not meet your expectations or a combination of the two.
  • Resolve these disturbances, review your body image, and restore your contact with Essence and your mission in the Matrix.
The content of the sessions will be entirely determined by the participants’ issues in the field of health and the body. Willem will offer possibilities to understand, address and process these issues at a deep level and to dissolve energy structures associated with them. We will work with the whole range of Logosynthesis methods. Short content presentations may support your learning and processing.

The Format
Each session will encourage open sharing by group members regarding blockages in body image, which will be addressed using Logosynthesis methods in the broader context of energy psychology, and a holistic world model. Topics can be sent to the trainer before the session or may arise and be processed during the workshop. After each sequence, you can ask questions about the method, theory, and philosophy of Logosynthesis, to deepen your understanding of what you have perceived and experienced.

Your Guide
Willem Lammers, MSc, DPsych, TSTA, is the founder and developer of Logosynthesis®. Willem is a psychologist, a licensed psychotherapist, a coach, and a consultant to people and organizations. He is also the founding director of IAS, a leading training institute for workplace counseling in Switzerland.

The Group
Attendees must have professional standing in counselling, coaching, psychotherapy, psychiatry, or education. The minimum group size is 8, with a maximum of 24 participants.
Participants must have completed a Logosynthesis Basic seminar, a Logosynthesis Online Introduction, or have read Willem’s Logosynthesis Handbook. If you would love to join but don’t fulfill these criteria (yet), don’t hesitate to contact Willem through the contact form on this website.

We will be meeting at a conference venue near Dublin, Ireland. The location will be announced.

Friday – Sunday, November 3-5, 2023.

Working times 
Friday and Saturday: 10:00-12:30 and 14:00-18:00.
Sunday: 10:00-12:30 and 14:00-17:00.

Fee and Registration
The fee for the three-day workshop is CHF 600, payable after registration.
If you’re interested, please fill out the registration form or pay the fee directly through the pay link. After your registration, you’ll receive detailed information once we have the details of the venue. Lodging and meals are not included in this fee.

A few seats are available at a reduced rate for students and attendees from developing countries. If you’re eligible for such a discount, please contact us through the form on this website, and you’ll receive a discount coupon code.

Recognition of this seminar for your certification as a Practitioner or a Master Practitioner in Logosynthesis®

This seminar with Willem Lammers can serve as Logosynthesis Live in the certification process as a Practitioner or Master Class if you’re already certified.

Recommended Reading
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  • Lammers, Willem (2015). Self-Coaching with Logosynthesis. Maienfeld, Switzerland: The Origin of Logosynthesis®. Also available in German, Serbian and Italian.
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Horowitz, M. (1966). The Body Image. Archives of General Psychiatry, 14(5): 456-460. What is it about?
This theme seminar is about the application of Logosynthesis to physical symptoms and reflects my current state of knowledge in this field.

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