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Clara is a very successful professional woman. She has the opportunity to create a new and important project. She talked about being afraid to start it, because she would probably sabotage herself. With guidance, she located the stuck part in her belly, and saw it as a “brown-black ball of mohair”. The outside influence, the imprint, she saw as a “wrecking ball, such as they use to tear down buildings”. With Clara, as previously with Ann, the guide intuited that energy should be removed from the very powerful imprint first, and Clara agreed. The first sentence for Clara was “I retrieve all of my own energy from this wrecking ball.” That brought some relaxation. Next she said “I remove all of the not-me energy of this wrecking ball from all of my cells, from all of my bodies, and from my personal space and send it back to wherever it belongs”. Better yet. Finally, she said, “I retrieve all of my own energy from this brown-black ball of mohair, and bring it back to the right place within myself”. “Well,” said Clara, “next year I’m going to be doing a lot of new work!” Nancy Porter-Steele