Here is an interesting update for you. As per you suggested I provided frequent self treatment of Logosynthesis since I began last week; in fact probably more than once a day or evening. Usually laying down in bed. Always acompanied by Reiki self treatment on my ears. Color of problem was very dark, shape was changing , texture sticky (like syrup or molasse), location in my head.On the physical level, I focused on the virus, the inner ear infection. The removal part was extremely helpful. The size shrunk, the color faded and the texture became light, light a grey dot on a white page. I felt deep and great joy and excitement like I did not experienced in a long time. On the emotional levels I focused on my resentment towards the medical sytem who I perceived let me down (i.e., my family physician approach, no follow up call from a referral to a neurologist, frustration re limited physical abilities (i.e., Pilates classes). I attended a Pilates class of 1 hour on Wednesday, and I was able to follow all the exercises without dizzy spells (like yoga, a lot of inverted, side ways poses, etc.). I remained cautious and I kept observing my progress closely. Emotional negative energies seemed cleared up but I kept some concerns re physical left overs of the virus.Also, with the removal, to send it where it belongs does not fit right for me, because I have a naive belief that virus do not belong anywhere, unless … they are useful in some context.