Weight Loss

Ann was distressed about difficulty losing weight. She had brought her weight down quite a lot, but was now finding herself unable to resist eating foods that were not part of her program, and no longer continuing the reduction in weight. The most difficult part of the guide’s work with Ann was to get around her habit—shared with so many experienced patients—of telling all the circumstances, the history, the internal dialogue—self-criticism and ineffective advice to herself—in order to reach the point of identifying how she experienced each side involved in the stuckness, in energetic terms. Eventually, though, the stuck part was identified as “this hungry feeling” and the imprint as a cloud all around her, which kept saying: “you can’t lose weight”. We began, in accordance with the usual Logosynthesis procedure, with “I retrieve all of my own energy from this hungry feeling and bring it back to the right place within myself”. Ann felt a small shift, but said, “I seem not to want to let it go.” The guide intuited that it might be necessary to deal with the imprint before completing the retrieval of energy from the stuck part, and offered the sentence, “I retrieve all of my own energy from this cloud which says I can’t lose weight”. Ann felt increased relaxation. With the sentence, “I remove all of the not-me energy of this cloud that says I can’t lose weight from all of my cells, from all of my bodies, and from my personal space, and send it back to wherever it belongs”, Ann felt further relaxation. Going back to the stuck part, “I retrieve all of my own energy from this remaining hungry feeling” brought more relaxation. But Ann still felt there was something unfinished. Exploring this, Ann identified the feeling that her excess weight served as a “protective buffer”. What that buffer was protecting against was identified first as the entire dangerous world, but she then saw it as “burning villages, villages in flames”. The protective buffer became the “stuck part” and the “villages in flames” became the “imprint” for another round of Logosynthesis. The guide intuited, again, that it might be necessary to deal with the imprint first, as “villages in flames” seemed to be a powerful danger for Ann, reinforcing her motivation to maintain the “protective buffer”. The guide asked Ann whether she thought that would be true, and she agreed. Therefore this round of Logosynthesis was started with retrieval of her own energy from the “villages in flames” and removal of the not-me energy of those “villages” from all of her cells, all of her bodies and her personal space. After that, she was given the sentence for removal of all her own energy from the “protective buffer” and the result was “I feel fine!” Ann is a person who was severely abused as a child, and protection had seemed essential—even the magical idea that extra weight would be a buffer. Until the fearful imprint had been dealt with, letting go of the buffer would have seemed to be offering herself as a victim. Therefore it was necessary to deal with imprints before the stuck parts could be de-energized. Nancy Porter-Steele