Logosynthesis in a Nutshell

Logosynthesis® is a simple, elegant, innovative, and comprehensive system for healing and development. It is effective in coaching, counseling, and psychotherapy. Its Basic Procedure can also be used as a self-help tool. It enables people to find their innermost life path.

Logosynthesis has been derived from the principles of many schools of change and contains a model, principles for change and actual interventions embedded in a integrative view of human nature. Specialists from different schools of thought will discover aspects of their concepts and methods in Logosynthesis. However, the combination of effective principles in the model is new and unique.

Willem Lammers first introduced the concept in 2005; since then, it has been expanded continuously.
Logosynthesis is a registered trademark that only may be used by professionals certified by the Logosynthesis International Association. The model contains a coherent set of theoretical concepts, a theory of change, and a wide array of effective methods. It is based on the following assumptions:
1. Suffering primarily results from a lack of awareness of our Essence and of our mission in the world.
2. Dissociated parts and introjects prevent our being fully aware of and living through our Free Self.
3. Dissociated parts and introjects are rigid energy patterns in space rather than abstract and cognitive phenomena.
4. The power of words can dissolve these frozen patterns and frees your for your Free Self.


Dr. Willem Lammers 

Willem Lammers, MSc, DPsych, TSTA, is the creator and developer of Logosynthesis®. He is a psychologist, a licensed psychotherapist, and a consultant to people and organizations. In 1989, he founded ias, a leading training institute for coaching, supervision, and organizational development in Switzerland. Willem has been working on the boundaries of body, mind, and spirit since the beginning of his career. He trained in bioenergetics, TA, hypnotherapy, NLP, EMDR, and energy psychology, and other modalities of guided change. He is a skillful teacher and highly experienced trainer. Since 2005, he is consistently creating and developing Logosynthesis®, an amazing new model for healing and development.

Therefore, Willem developed a coherent conceptual model and easy-to-use methods to help people to discover and live their deepest individual mission. He wrote numerous articles and books, which were translated into six languages. Willem likes to travel and gives lectures and workshops on both sides of the Atlantic.