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Dr. Willem Lammers offers a worldwide service for Logosynthesis consultation online, to address issues that are normally treated in counselling, coaching, supervision and psychotherapy. Willem is fluent in English, German and Dutch, and has a passive knowledge of French and Italian.

Please go through the following checklist before contacting us:
The Project We’re in the process of producing a series of demonstration videos on YouTube. This project serves the purpose to make Logosynthesis® more accessible to people who can profit from the model, in the service of their healing and personal development. If you want to participate in a demo video session, we’ll be happy to invite you to volunteer for a Logosynthesis instructional video session with Dr. Willem Lammers, in English, German or Dutch. These demos are made to show how Logosynthesis works and therewith help to spread the model and the method. Every recording will be edited for accessibility of the material and be published on our YouTube channel The Origin of Logosynthesis and/or in the members’ area of the website of the Logosynthesis International Association.

Here are some specifics to help you prepare:

Please go through the following checklist before contacting us:

  • We will plan a 60-minute time slot for each session. If issues show up that cannot be treated in this hour we will explore with you how to continue your process beyond the scope of this session
  • We gently ask you to register in advance at www.zoom.us  and install the Zoom browser plugin or download the app. If you haven’t done so yet, click on the link, and you will be guided through this installation
  • Before the time of our appointment, you’ll receive a link to click on and you’ll be connected. The line will be open a few minutes before the session to give you the opportunity to test your equipment
  • To guarantee a good audio quality and avoid echo, please use a headset, like the one that comes with an iPad or iPhone or one that fits in a USB port on your computer
  • Internet connection: We have the experience that the same internet connection can work differently with different devices. Sometimes an iPad works better than a laptop and vice versa, so if you have both keep them both close to you. It’s possible that the internet connection is not stable. In that case you can end the meeting from your side and reconnect with the same link
  • Batteries: Please take care that the batteries of your device are charged
  • Please test the camera position so that your head and upper body are visible and the position of the camera is stable
  • The session will be recorded. This recording will be made available to you after the session. If you like to volunteer for our instructional video series, a session can be free, to be edited and afterwards published on our YouTube Channel or in the membership area of the website of thd Logosynthesis International Association
  • If you connect to the link before the session you will see yourself on the video. Normal daylight is best for the recording
  • Please avoid disturbances by people and pets
  • Water supports processing in Logosynthesis, so keep a glass or a jug ready on your desk
  • If you have time, please send a short summary of the issue you want to address to Willem Lammers 
  • If you’re not familiar with Logosynthesis yet, read Willem Lammers’ book Self-Coaching with Logosynthesis before booking a session, so that the philosophy and the procedure don’t come as a surprise
  • Available slots are limited, so it’s possible that you’ll have to wait for a few weeks or months
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To make an appointment, confirm that you’ve read this message and send us a mail
Feel free to ask any questions