Willem Lammers Live

2019 Live, English

  • Logosynthesis Trainer and Supervisor Master Class
    April 9-13, Arrecife Grand Hotel, Arrecife, Lanzarote (E).
  • Master Class »The Path of the Self« with one-day Master Lab
    October, 4-7, the Music Room, Halifax NS, Canada
  • Master Class »The Path into the World« (E/I)
    November 8-10, Grand Hotel, Riolo Terme (RA) Italy.
  • Logosynthesis Master Lab for certified Practitioners and advanced trainees
    (in English and Italian)
    October 25-27, Grand Hotel Riolo Terme (RA) Italy.


2019 Live, Deutsch


2020 Live, Deutsch

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You will find information about all other Logosynthesis training events on the website of the Logosynthesis International Association.