This section provides you with some of the core resources for understanding and applying Logosynthesis®.
Further resources are available in the members’ section for those who have taken the basic or advanced training in Logosynthesis®.

-The e-book Restoring the Flow – a Primer in Logosynthesis® explains the basics of Logosynthesis® self-coaching on 27 pages.
-Audio File: An amazing new technique and system for personal development
-The Logosynthesis® basic paper offers an introduction to the model for professionals.
-The Logosynthesis® Quick Reference paper gives you the most important information in a nutshell.
-Tips for Logosynthesis in Coaching and Counselling
-The Logosynthesis® Glossary provides definitions of the terms used.
-Presentation “Logosynthesis in a nutshell”

Logosynthesis: Energy Healing with Words, Philippe Isler, MA, Reg. Psych., Wholistic Healing Publications (2014) Vol 14, No 1

Materials for Professionals
For professionals, we recommend the book Healing with Words: A Handbook for the helping professions, in print or digital.  

You’ll find the latest developments in the State of the Art paper. This gives an overview of recent developments in the theory, methods and the organisation of Logosynthesis®.