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Online Master Class

You are a certified Practitioner in Logosynthesis. You want to deepen your Logosynthesis knowledge and experience, but the existing Master Classes, Master Labs and Summer Conferences are not an option? Then you may be interested in my new online Master Lab, which will start in September.

The content.

In a series of online sessions with the founder, you can work on all active personal issues with the help of the latest insights in Logosynthesis. You will have intensive interactions on advanced philosophy, theory and methods of Logosynthesis with myself and the group, and together this will lead to a deeper understanding of Logosynthesis and what it can mean for yourself and your clients. This like Logosynthesis Live, with the difference that the scopes of the methods used is much broader.

The structure.

The first online Master Lab consists of 6 sessions of 90 minutes online, with homework assignments in practice groups in between.

The dates and times: Tuesdays September 5 and 19, October 3 and 17, November 7 and 28 – at 16:00-17:30 MET.

The costs: €300, to be paid in advance through IBAN or PayPal. If your resources are limited, you might qualify for a student's discount of €60, on request.


This online course counts as half of a 3-day Master class for the LIA Master Practitioner certification. You find all the details on the Master Practitioner certification under http://logosynthesis.international/EN/LIA_Certification_Regulations_E.pdf.


You can register through the following link: https://doodle.com/poll/qdspi4ygtwhed7s4.

After registration you will receive an invoice, to be paid before the first session. You will then receive the session link and the password. 


We will use zoom.us, which is a very reliable software for this purpose. If you participate please also register at zoom.us. You can then use this technology to work in your practice group. It’s free as long as meetings are not longer than 40 minutes, but you restart immediately after 40’. All sessions will be recorded and made available to each participant who does the recorded personal work.
I hope this offer will meet your needs for your personal and professional development. If this first series meets the expectations, I’ll continue the offer through 2018. 

See you online!