Deirdre once boarded the wrong train and had been afraid of repeating her error ever since. She was examining the history of this fear when a memory emerged: she’d once been trapped in a lift while moving a piano. She couldn’t breath and thought: ‘I’m lost’. Another, earlier incident occurred during nursery school. Her father had taken her to school and left without saying goodbye. The same thought of ‘I’m lost’ had joined fear and panic. This thought of “being lost” was what lay behind her fear of boarding the wrong train. Logosynthesis helped her to dissolve the introjects – the distressing old representations of the lift, the piano and her father. Her fear then abruptly disappeared.
Deirdre now pays careful attention to where she wants to go before a train leaves. She can relax prior to departure without having to get up and check the train’s destination. She also remains calm during the journey. In Deirdre’s case, the scenes in the nursery school and the lift contributed to the formation of dissociative structures. The subconscious activation of these structures led to fears of things in the present. The Logosynthesis sentences release the frozen ties that bind together old memories of the outside world and challenges in the present. Deirdre can calmly think back to the old images without the memories being reactivated and panic emerging as a result.