Frank is 70 and recently underwent cardiac surgery that involved a long period of rehabilitation. He has an extreme fear of having to go through that again, and there is a chance of this happening. We had a long session in which we looked at and processed many aspects of his current life, with the most significant being:

 Waiting for surgery, the doctor comes and explains the procedure. He uses words like "we have the best team for you" and "we're going to disconnect you and put you on an artificial respirator." When Frank tells that story, he freezes in terror. The idea that he could be disconnected again and be "sent into a black hole again" is more than he can bear.

I give him three sentences for "the belief that I am the body that's disconnected." The working pauses are deeply silent and last many minutes. Then the panic is gone.
In times of physical pain and trouble we tend to identify with our bodies and disconnect from Essence. Medical science tends to support that identification, because the body is the centre of its focus. If you want to feel seen by your doctor, it's easiest if you tune in to his frame of reference. In this process, all involved create a reality together in which a whole human being is reduced to the physical body.

 You are more than your physical body. You're Essence, an immortal being, beyond space and time.