In the Logosynthesis Live seminar, Susie made a map of her family situation when she was three. Her father was absent travelling, and her mother as well as her nanny were preoccupied with their own newly born babies. She felt extremely lonely, her place in the sun taken over by her new sister and the nanny's baby.

In the treatment process, she went through the positions of the adults involved, one after the other and discovered how much each of them had suffered their own way. Father had lost his mother as a young boy and had transferred his love for his deceased mother to his daughter, excluding his wife, and inadvertently made a mother figure out of his daughter. Mother felt abandoned by her husband because of this. After applying Logosynthesis on these issues of the parental introjects, the client felt utter relief. 
The icing on the cake: Immediately after we finished, her phone rang. She was annoyed, because she always carefully switched it off. When she looked at the display, she couldn't believe her eyes. Her younger sister, who hadn't called her in 20 years, had just called her from Hong Kong.