Jenny strongly identified with a part of herself as a three-year old, which had split off in the aftermath of childhood sexual abuse. When I gave her sentence 1 to integrate that frozen part, she became very scared, because she had a fantasy that she would disappear. This made perfect sense: if you identify with a child part, it cannot be integrated without losing the "I" of that part.

In Logosynthesis terms, the part – frozen state – consists of linked energy structures of perceptions and reactions. She was only aware of her emotions (i.e. reactions), apart from the sensation of a heavy weight on her body.

I reflected upon this and found a way to treat the frozen state from another perspective: If there has been abuse, there have been frozen perceptions from all five senses. Since she wasn't aware of any perceptions, apart from the heavy weight, I decided to address frozen smells, with the sentence: I retrieve all my energy bound in the frozen perception of smells in that disturbing situation. After the first sentence, she told me, very rationally, that there was no perception of any smells.

When she repeated the sentence, she said in the same rational way that there were three potentially relevant smells: alcohol, semen and vomit. I asked her with a flash question what was the most important and she said: alcohol. I let her repeat the sentence for the frozen perception of alcohol, and she realised that she and her family had always been in danger when alcohol was involved. This conclusion continued in her current life with her family as a grown-up. Then she said the sentences for that belief and immediately felt relieved. The panic about alcohol in her current family disappeared.

If a memory is hidden, you can give the sentences for aspects of the hidden perception of the traumatic situation. The fear of oblivion is to be worked around by treating aspects.

Kinesthetic and proprioceptive memories play an important role in the treatment of childhood trauma. The perception of the body of the perpetrator - body weight, hands, mouth, genitals - is frozen at the moment of the boundary transgressions, as well as the perception of the child's own body leads to the creation of frozen energy structures, which can be activated. When this happens, the emotions and body sensations are reactivated and the traumatic situation is re-experienced directly and projected on people who are present in the here-and-now. A loving husband can be experienced as a perpetrator of the past.

In this post I want to describe the aspect of the frozen perception of the client's own body. If the abuse happened at the age of four, a frozen energy structure of the body of the client of that age is created and stored. This energy structure has a kinesthetic/proprioceptive content and is usually contained within the space of the body of the adult client. In most cases, this frozen energy structure hides the adult awareness of the client's body, with the strength and flexibility of the latter.  To install, strengthen or restore the awareness of the adult body we can use Logosynthesis on the frozen energy structure of the body of the child.