Chrissie's stress level considerably increased on the first day of the seminar, along with tinnitus symptoms. On the second day she realised that this anxiety was activated by my hands. The shape of my hands was similar to those of her father's, and he had worn almost the same ring. He had hit her with those hands.

When she told the story in the group, I stretched out my right hand towards her at a distance of one meter, and I asked her for the level of distress on a 0-10 scale. It was a 10. I invited her to say the Logosynthesis sentences for "the hands of Willem and everything they represent", which she did. After the cycle, I stretched out my hand again, and asked for the level of distress. There was no distress left, and she shook my hand.
Another participant in the group noticed that I hadn't addressed her father's hands directly. I asked Chrissie to concentrate on an image of her father's hands, and this caused no distress for her. The subconscious mind is our faithful servant in this work.