Claire was working through a life theme when the image of a little child appeared. Usually this represents a split-off part of the client, and applying the sentences leads to the dissolution of such an image. This time it didn't. The child turned its back to Claire and walked away a few steps. I was puzzled. In the reassessment stage after the sentences, Claire told me that her grandmother had died after having given birth to stillborn twin boys.

I decided to give Claire the sentences for the representation of those twins. After the second sentence, Claire experienced a long-held tension moving out of her body. The image of the twins had changed into two grey spots, which completely disappeared after a second round of the sentences. 

When Claire returned to the image of the child in her personal space, she saw the child walking away, and felt incredible relief. The traumatic death of her grandmother after the birth of twins had led to the energy construct of a twin sibling when Claire's mother became pregnant.