Brenda, a graphics designer in her late thirties, became pregnant during a short affair. She knew that she didn't want to continue the relationship with the man involved, but she wasn't sure if she would be able to raise the child on her own. When she entered my practice she was pretty certain she was going to choose to have an abortion, even though it was probably her last opportunity to become a mother.

After Brenda had told me her story and her wish to reach a decision in this session, I invited her to walk two different timelines into her future - one with and one without the child.

The future without the child was predictable: a career, money, different places and different partners. There were no blocks on this timeline; it was just a continuation of the life she had lived until now. That life seemed safe, but also a bit boring in the end.

Walking the second timeline was full of fears and blocks: a fear of childbirth, the added responsibility and financial burden of being a single mother. Each of these blocks were resolved with the help of the Logosynthesis sentences.

After returning to the here-and-now point of the two timelines Brenda discovered her decision to have the child, even though the fear wasn't completely gone. She left my office with a curious smile on her face, and I didn't hear from her until this week, when her picture showed up on a social media site, in a list of 'people you may know'. I sent her a message to touch base and she answered:

"I am well. It's been an interesting couple of years since we last spoke - my son is 5! He is doing well and the apple of my eye :) Motherhood could not have suited me better." The career had been different from what it had looked like on the timeline: She had lost her job due to downsizing earlier this year and after some tough months had decided to pursue a career as a freelance designer in her field.

When I sent her a draft of this post to ask for her consent to publish it, she added an interesting detail:

"Interesting that looking back it doesn't seem like a tough decision at all! Was I leaning towards an abortion when I visited you? I know I was unsure but thought I was leaning towards keeping the child - perhaps I remember it differently based on my decision... "

Logosynthesis is a great instrument to resolve blocks in decision-making. Decisions are made based on possible futures. Possible futures are heavily influenced by painful events from a person's past. If these blocks are moved out of the way, the decision seems like a fact that has always been part of a person’s life.