Lara had a phobia around driving a car, and riding for long distances in a car with her husband caused her to panic.
She said "I feel trapped" and the thought that there was no farm or other building for miles around made her feel anxious. When I went back in time with her to the origin of the anxiety, it had been there all her life, even at birth.

When I guided Lara through the time before her birth, the fear was not there during the first three months in the womb. What had happened? She told a story of a car accident her parents were involved in. It was in the fourth month of Lara's time in the womb. The car was totalled, but nobody was really hurt, though her mother had gone into shock.

When we did the Logosynthesis sentences on behalf of Lara’s mother, there was an enormous relief, with deep sighs, in particular after the second sentence. On returning to the memory of the womb, Lara now switched immediately to her birth, and said "I'm trapped!": the exact words she had used to describe her experience in the car. At the time of birth, she had been actually trapped, because her delivery had taken more than 24 hours due to a breech presentation.

When we did the sentences for Lara's perception of the body of her mother at birth, there was again a deep relief. When I asked her to visualise the upcoming long journey in the car, she started to smile and said: I'm looking forward to our holidays!"