Monica, 39, has a three-year-old son and works as a coach in the HR department of a large company. She's recently become aware of a life-long belief: "I'm not good enough" and discovered through a series of flash questions that the belief had been there from birth.

Her birth was accelerated because her father, a flight engineer, had to leave the family for an extended time. In accessing the birth experience she realised she hadn’t wanted to be born yet. Something was missing: She wanted to wait for her twin brother – recently Monica’s mother had revealed to her that she had not been alone in the womb

She did the sentences for the unfulfilled wish to have her brother join her. After that, she felt better about entering the world alone. Her attitude shifted to 'OK, let's give it a go.' I gave her the sentences for ‘the energy of the body of my mother’, a procedure I often use to process birth experiences at a deep level. Then I checked with Monica about the belief of not being good enough, and she said: "It's good now."

I now asked Monica to think of her childhood. Here, a Christmas memory showed up, of herself as a four-year-old. Her dearest wish had been to receive a baby doll as a present, with eyes that close when it's laid on its back. Instead, her mom fulfilled her own dearest wish; a beautiful, very expensive doll with a porcelain head, and painted eyes. A picture of that evening showed how Monica was appalled and how her mother had been beaming with joy.  
We did the three Logosynthesis sentences for the doll and everything it represented. After the first sentence Monica felt a deep rage and saw herself throwing the doll around the room. We did another cycle for the wishes of her mother. After this the rage faded, and for the first time her father showed up. As an engineer, he was rarely at home, and when he was home he stayed out of the conflicts between his wife and Monica. She realised she had believed she was not good enough because he hadn't protected her from her mother’s angry attacks. In the simple logic of the child: If she had been good enough, her father would have protected her.

We did a last cycle for the unfulfilled wish that her father had protected her. Then she said dryly: "He had his own issues." I asked "What about the belief that you're not good enough?" Monica replied, with a big smile: "That's resolved."