Brenda had been involved in a traffic accident a few years ago. She had driven through a yellow traffic light and woken up in the hospital. She had been wounded in the crash and since then suffered from whiplash. She had hit the rearview mirror with her head, suffered a wound to her left leg, and a separated shoulder. The dominant symptom was the pain in her neck, with a SUD level of 6, the scar in her leg hurt as well.

She applied the Logosynthesis sentences on the memory of touching the rearview mirror and everything else that had touched her. The SUDs for the pain in her neck went from 6 to 3. At this moment a belief showed up: "It shouldn't have happened." I gave her the sentences for this belief, with the modified third phrase: "I retrieve all my energy bound up in all my reactions to the fact that it happened." Brenda then said: "I'm here and it's over."

Then other beliefs showed up: "I didn't deserve it", "Whiplash doesn't go away" and then an older one: "Physically, I'll always have pain." The latter one was connected to memories of her father beating her and she said: "The pain always comes." I gave her the sentences for this belief, and the SUDs went from 3 to 2. Brenda sat more straight now, and started to move her head and neck to free herself from the strain of all those years.  

Then another belief showed up: "You need pain to be taken care of." One more round of the Logosynthesis sentences, and the pain was gone: in her neck as well as in her leg. The phrase "Whiplash doesn't go away" had lost all significance to her.