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Healing With Words

Healing with Words

A Handbook for the Helping Professions
with a Preface by Dr. Fred Gallo

If you are a coach, a counsellor or a psychotherapist, you have probably adopted a wide range of approaches to help clients solve their problems and achieve their goals.

Often though, the path to healing is long and arduous, for the client as well as for the helper. It requires patience and persistence from the professional and frankly, this path can be frustrating.

This may be the time to add Logosynthesis to your toolbox – a highly efficient, elegant yet easy to apply system for your daily practice. An evolutionary step ahead in therapy with strong foundations in TA, hypnotherapy, depth psychology, NLP, Gestalt and Energy Psychology, helping you to address directly the pains in your clients life while having an immediate effect on their well-being.

‘Logosynthesis – Healing with Words‘ is a comprehensive and well-written handbook for counsellors, coaches and therapists outlining how to use this fascinating new approach to guided change to produce transformative changes for yourself and your clients.  

Innovative, user-friendly, and deceptively simple, Logosynthesis uses the power of words to create powerful personal changes. The method empowers ordinary people to use their own intention to resolve upsetting emotional problems and achieve their life goals, and offers therapists, counsellors and coaches a powerful set of change tools that really work.  

This completely revised edition of the handbook incorporates many refinements and improvements gained through clinical experiences, and shows the depth the author has gone in exploring how to maximise results for practitioners and help them better help their clients.

-It clearly outlines the assumptions and philosophy behind the method and offers a comprehensive outline with clear explanations on how to treat various conditions most effectively.

-It also includes many revealing case examples and transcripts from sessions with real clients to illustrate the many and varied applications of Logosynthesis in counselling, coaching, and therapy.

-Practitioners will find this a valued resource that they will return to time and again to draw from its wisdom and learn from its many helpful distinctions on ways to better help their clients to return their energy to flow and achieve their life tasks.

Highly recommended for anyone who is interested in learning this innovative method to empower their clients to create profound changes.

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