Aspects of Therapeutic Power

  1. Total compassion for and presence with the client in moments  s/he manifests the pain and loneliness of first order dissociation – being with the client from your own Essence.
  2. The awareness that first order dissociation is (nothing but) a state of disconnection from Essence, which can only be lifted by the reconnection the client’s own Essence, not by fulfilling any psychological or biological needs.
  3. The professional capacity to identify and resolve energy structures of frozen perceptions in first order dissociation as well as the corresponding reactions – with the help of the Logosynthesis procedures.
  4. Lack of respect for any form of second order dissociation and all of its consequences, apart from recognising it as a smart, bright or creative form of avoidance of the pain of first order dissociation.
  5. The realisation that even though you’re sharing the same world with the client, you don’t share the client’s destiny and that you as a person are not able to lift that burden without breaking your own back. The latter can never be the purpose of therapy.
  6. The potential to recognise countertransference phenomena, in which you lose sight on the difference between your own destiny and the destiny of the client – getting hooked by the client’s second or third order dissociation.
  7. The ability to apply Logosynthesis on your own perception/interpretation of the issue of the client and thus restore clarity about the difference between your own destiny and the destiny of your client.