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ou Need Supervision

This second Logosynthesis online supervision group meets that needs, in three 2-hour sessions in the fall of 2018. This supervision is recognised as one supervision day for the curriculum to become a Practitioner in Logosynthesis®, by the Logosynthesis International Association. You’ll receive a confirmation of your participation after the sessions.



The participants bring in all issues and questions related to the application of Logosynthesis. The format allows for in-depth discussions of Logosynthesis theory, philosophy, methods and practice. Issues also include the creation of a solid working alliance, as well as identifying and resolving countertransference issues in working with clients. Live demonstrations can also be part of the work done in the group.


Dates and times

Series 2019.1, Registration Code O19.S1
Tuesdays: March 26, May 21, and June 18.
Series 2019.2, Registration Code O19.S2
Tuesdays: August 27, September 24, and October 29.


The sessions will take place 4:00-6:00pm Vienna, Rome, Amsterdam, Zurich time (GMT+1). This time of the day guarantees maximal accessibility for most time zones in which Logosynthesis is spreading now.
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Target group

You are a professional in counselling, coaching, psychotherapy, psychiatry or education. The minimum group size is 6, with a maximum of 12.
To participate you must have attended a Logosynthesis Basic seminar, a Logosynthesis Online Introduction  and/or have read Willem Lammers’ Logosynthesis Handbook.



We will work with, for which you need to open a free account. Download the app or install a plugin for your browser. It works best for all if everybody uses a headset instead of built-in microphones and speakers.



Sessions will be recorded and made available to members of the supervision group. Recordings will downloadable for one week.



The costs will be €150. This means €25 per hour with a contract for six hours.You register and pay at the same time through this link. Please add the event code with your registration: O18.S2
After payment you will receive a confirmation mail. Shortly before the first session you will receive the Zoom link to connect with the session.
Please realise that this is a unique opportunity to work immediately with the founder and developer of Logosynthesis. Once the group is full, it’s full.


What did participants say after the first series?

  • I learned to simplify the protocols, moving away from interpretation. I have more confidence to apply Logosynthesis on myself. And it works. Generally I like to apply it on physical problems. so the results can be measured. I can apply it on emotional issues also.
  • The online supervision sessions were an excellent opportunity to bring specific questions that arose from my own practicing of the techniques, after time to consider the theory. These sessions offered invaluable insights in how to untangle the ball of yarn by combining the learned theory of the master classes with the messiness of situations arising in real time. Amazing learning experience.
  • Most helpful is watching others in process to understand Logosynthesis on a deeper level. It’s not like other supervision in one to one. I have picked up many useful and helpful hints and tips that I can use in the sentences, like the use of colour, to help the clients unconscious to find its own answers. You don’t need to know the answer, the client knows the answer.
  • I appreciate the video being shared after each session, as I rewatch and take notes from it later.
  • I am pleasantly surprised about this online format. I find more positive aspects about it than I was expecting. Like: no need to spend time to travel around, meeting interesting people.